Designed to Thrive

September 12th, 2016

“Stress is part of our life. There are negative and positive stresses. Some short term stress and traumatic stress can grow into chronic stress. All of them originate in the protective and survival mechanisms that govern the reflexive "freeze" and "fight or flight" responses. Our bodies and nervous system are designed to tolerate the normal stressors of life. In a healthy individual, the autonomic nervous system and reflex responses engage adequate mobilization of protection to ensure near-term survival. Our reflexes are given to every one of us inherently, from generation to generation, as our key to survival. Reflexes are automatic, unconscious, and constant. They guarantee stability for the nervous system in stress and distress. In our MNRI reflex integration program we propose procedures and techniques that strengthen the nervous system and its resiliency through exercises that model the biomechanics and functions of reflex patterns.” Dr. Svetlana Masgutova, creator of the MNRI (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) Program

Recently I experienced a brief stay in my “flight/fight/freeze” system. I was under more extreme stress than usual for a couple of weeks. I had no energy in the evening, had difficulty focusing and completing a task, quick tempered and a lack of motivation. I felt stuck in the “here and now.” I felt drained emotionally, physically and spiritually. I couldn’t think about the upcoming week or month, which was uncharacteristic of me. I felt paralyzed in survival mode. However, I was grateful that this was a temporary stay. The situation resolved and the “peace/calm” system took over again.

BUT WHAT IF it didn’t? WHAT IF I was stuck?

This system of flight/fight/freeze (sympathetic nervous system) is given to us for protection and survival in emergency situations. We are never meant to live here day in and day out. Our system is designed to transition between sympathetic (stress) and parasympathetic (peace/calm) as needed. Is your current state effecting your daily functioning? How is your emotional, physical, social and mental health? If you are stuck, your system needs help to return to a state of thriving!

We thrive with deep roots (innate survival mechanisms), strong trunk (core stability) and vibrant branches (continued growth).

There is hope. We have a researched based PTSD protocol that is extremely effective in stabilizing our nervous system responses.

Comments from clients who have received the PTSD protocol:

Stress factors seem normal. I continue to see an increase in my ability to recognize trigger situations and handle them in a much healthier manner than in the past.

Overall I feel way more at peace on a day to day basis. Stressors… don’t get to me like they did before and don't stop me from functioning.

I've found I'm more aware of how (my wife) is feeling and how things I say and do effect her. My world view is changing. I no longer am completely focused on me and now am able to be cognizant of others.

I hung out with my best friend for the first time in weeks yesterday and she said she definitely noticed I have improved in my speech and understanding.

The little things that would once trigger a downward spiral of insecurities don't really bother me at all anymore. We are definitely thriving.

Definitely seeing an increase in my ability to focus and achieve goals. I feel much more disciplined than I have before. I feel empowered. I have the ability to make healthy choices that I have always failed to make in the past.

Even though I am pushing through some tough emotions right now, the fact that I am pushing through and not collapsing is a huge step for me.

Normally I would eat when I am stressed but I have more self control now.

Calmer, less thoughts of wanting to escape

More aware of what was going on around me. Noticed an increase in my ability to focus during conversations/meetings.

(Child) is just calmer overall. I can still see some distractions, but he doesn't seem as angry as he had been.