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In her free time, Cathy enjoys spending time with family and friends. She loves animals, the Kansas City Royals, KU and looks forward to spending time on the beach!  

Cathy graduated as an occupational therapist from the University of Kansas/University of Kansas Medical Center in 1991. She started her career at Mid-America Rehab Hospital working on the pediatric and cerebral vascular/neurological teams.  During this time she studied and practiced the neuro-developmental treatment (NDT) technique and became certified.  Cathy then gained employment at various long-term care and retirement communities. She worked in numerous positions including as a senior occupational therapist, rehab director, senior rehab manager, and regional manager. 

Cathy feels working with children and their families, as an occupational therapist, is extremely rewarding.  She enjoys helping children regulate sensory information and integrate reflexes. By addressing these areas, a child is better able to have more normal sensory-motor output, improved sensory behaviors and improved fine and gross motor skills. Cathy focuses on the whole person including sensory-motor, development and reflexes, social and functional ADLs. 

Cathy’s interest and use of NDT in her practice as an occupational therapist has been extremely rewarding.  NDT is a holistic approach focusing on quality of movement patterns. The goal of NDT is to promote normal movement patterns to help a person function at their greatest possible level of independence. 


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